Commodity Supply and Demand

Seasonal vs Continual Flow Commodities

Generally speaking, there are two different types of commodities in the world – those that are seasonally produced and those that are continually produced.  The differences between the two have major impacts on the way that you analyze the supply and demand to determine fair value. Likewise, the metrics used to to discuss the fair […]

Tractor Supply Stock Analysis

Tractor Supply: A Stable Business Poised for Long Term Success

Tractor Supply Company (TSCO) has been able to differentiate itself among homegoods retailers in a way that appears to set the company up for longer term success. Additionally, the recent acquisition of Orscheln Farm expands the business further into important rural communities. After a 100%+ move over the last 12 months, the stock still appears […]

$16/bu soybean prices

$16/bu Soybean May Be Inevitable

Since early August we have seen domestic soybean futures rocket from roughly $8.50 a bushel to an eye popping $14.60 a bushel. Prices have since become range bound in the $14.50 to $13.50 a bushel level, leaving much of the market wondering what’s coming next.  Reasons for Rallying Initially The primary reason for the recent […]

Verizon Stock Analysis

Verizon Dividend Stock Analysis

Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) is an integrated telecommunications company that provides wire line voice and data services, wireless services, internet services, and directory information. The company has a global reach and also provides network services to the federal government including various business lines, data services, and others.  Verizon has a strong history of above average […]

Fed Policy Change: What are the Impacts?

On August 27th, the Fed unanimously approved a new strategy that will likely keep interest rates low for years to come. Instead of shooting for a target inflation amount, which had been the practice for 30+ years, the Fed announced that they would work to achieve an average inflation of roughly 2%. What this means […]

Federal COVID-19 Benefits Begin Expiring Soon – The Impacts Could be Large

Two parts of the Federal Governments $2 trillion plus COVID-19 spending package are set to come to end in the coming weeks. The Trump Administration wants another relief bill, but there are disagreements between republication and democrats regarding the amount of the bill and what is covered. If nothing is done, and the programs run […]