Commodities 101: Learn the Basics of Commodity Markets

After more than a decade of experience in and around commodity markets, I have learned (or at least think I’ve learned) some tips and tricks that make analyzing market fundamentals easier and would like to share them with you. Whether you are new to commodity markets, or are a seasoned veteran, you are sure to find something here that will help sharpen your skills.

Series Posts

  • Introduction to Commodities
  • Primer to Grain and Oilseed Markets
  • Primer to Protein Markets
  • Primer to Energy Markets
  • Forecasting Basics
  • Market Trends
  • Finding Information
  • Introduction to Futures
  • Introduction to Hedging
  • Time and Space Considerations
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Forecasting Supply
  • Forecasting Demand
  • Ending Stocks and Price Relationships